Area of practice

Attorney Stanislav Stanev is practicing in the following areas:
Contractual law
- analysis and advice;
– contract drafting;
– powers of attorney drafting;
– court representation in contractual disputes;
– order for payment court representation.

Commercial law
- sole trader registration;
– registration (forming); changes and closing of companies;
– establishment and deletion of procurator representation;
– commercial unit deals;
– commercial contract drafting;
– analysis and advice;
– court representation in commercial disputes;
– commercial turnover – consultancy and document drafting;
– complete subscription and legal services for companies.

Property law
- property analysis and consultancy;
– documents drafting and representation in property transfer (sale, endowment and exchange) and property burden (mortgages, pledges) deals.

Medical law
- analysis, consultancy and legal position on medical law;
– representation before administrative authorities;
– court representation.

Punitive-administrative law
- analysis and advice on administrtive violation finding acts and penalty decrees;
– drafting of objections against administrtive violation finding acts;
– complaint drafting and court representation against penalty degrees.

Court representation
- analysis and advice with regards of starting or started court case;
– drafting of court applications and court applications responses;
– representation in court;
– court security representation;
– order for payment court representation (order for payment and immediately payment order);
– representation in executive cases.